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Ship chandling services refer to the provision of various supplies and services to ships while they are docked at a port or anchorage. Ship chandlers are companies or individuals who specialize in catering to the needs of ships and their crew members.

  1. Provisions: Ship chandlers supply a wide range of food and beverages, including fresh fruits and vegetables, meat, poultry, seafood, dairy products, canned goods, and dry provisions. They ensure that ships are adequately stocked with provisions to sustain the crew during their voyage.

  2. Deck and Engine Stores: Ship chandlers provide deck and engine stores such as ropes, wires, paints, lubricants, cleaning agents, safety equipment, spare parts, tools, and other items necessary for the maintenance and operation of the ship.

  3. Bonded Stores: These are duty-free items like cigarettes, alcoholic beverages, perfumes, chocolates, and other luxury goods that ship chandlers supply to ships. Bonded stores are sold exclusively to the ship’s crew or passengers and are often subject to customs regulations.

  4. Cabin Stores: Ship chandlers offer a range of products for the ship’s crew and passengers, including toiletries, linens, towels, cleaning supplies, and other personal items required for comfortable living onboard.

  5. Medical Supplies: Ship chandlers provide medical stores and equipment to ensure the ship is adequately equipped with essential medicines, first aid kits, medical instruments, and other medical supplies to address the health needs of crew members while at sea.

  6. Freshwater and Bunker Services: Ship chandlers may arrange for the delivery of freshwater, which is essential for various onboard operations. They can also assist with fueling services by coordinating the delivery of bunkers (fuel) to the ship.

  7. Technical Services: Ship chandlers may offer technical services such as repair and maintenance works, including welding, electrical repairs, carpentry, plumbing, and other specialized services required by the ship.

Ship chandlers play a crucial role in supporting the smooth functioning of ships by ensuring that they have access to essential supplies and services during their port visits. They often maintain warehouses and logistics networks to efficiently manage and deliver the required items to the ships in a timely manner.

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